Monthly Musings | February

I can’t believe that March is already here. Off-season is still in full swing, but I’ve had so many things going on behind-the-scenes, it really hasn’t felt like much of an off-season at all! Time to take a little break, though, to share this month’s “Monthly Musings” :) (If you missed last month’s first-ever post, you can find that here!)

  1. Remember that social media workshop I mentioned in last month’s musings? It finally launched last week! We’re already getting some amazing feedback from people who are excited to join. I’m so excited to start branching out into this different avenue of my business, and couldn’t have better company to help tackle this with than my “co-host,” the one and only Dave Galloway of DJ Alpha Productions! If you’re a small business owner in the London area and are interested in joining, you can find more information here :)
  2. Nothing gives me a “refresh” in energy, motivation, and creativity, like spending quality time with the people that I love the most. I have some of the most wonderful people in my life!
  3. No concussions this month, but I have been working out with my friend Kassandra, owner of KassKFitness. She is small and mighty and getting me in shape for wedding season! I’m starting out this year’s season on the other side of things (as a bridesmaid and co-maid-of-honour in two weddings!) and Kassandra is helping make sure I can actually fit into those dresses (lol). But, even more importantly, I’m hoping that with a regular exercise is going to mean no more “Wedding Saturday, Migraine Sunday” routines around here. Wedding hangovers are a real thing for people who work in the industry, and I will not miss them when they’re gone!
  4. Have you guys seen the show Riverdale yet?! I was a HUGE Archie comic fan when I was growing up and I’m absolutely loving this new take on it! If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend giving it a watch on Netflix :)
  5. I’m working with a local elementary school on a program called Entrepreneurial Adventures. It’s a program through a group called The Learning Project, which helps students of all ages learn the ins-and-outs of life in the workplace. Once a week I get to join a class of students ages 9-11, and our goal is to create a functioning business throughout the rest of the school year, raising money for the London Food Bank. We’ve only been working on it for a week so far but it’s going so well, and I’m so inspired by the fact that these kids are not afraid to dream big!

What’s in store for you for March? New projects, life changes, or TV shows on Netflix to binge-watch?! Leave some comments, I’d love to hear what you’ve got planned!

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(This is one of my favourite photos of my husband, Matt, and I, taken by one of my favourite people, Cynthia Bendle at One-12 Photography :) You’re never too old to have fun on a swing set!)

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