Monthly Musings | April

I’m back for April’s musings! (The real ones this time, not the “It’s really April but let’s pretend it’s March because I’m a week late” version…)

Here’s what’s been going on in my world over the last few weeks…

  1. If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’ll know that this month took a turn pretty similar to one that I had last summer during wedding season… I broke my foot. Again! This time my left instead of my right, but in just as clumsy of a fashion as before. Instead of tripping and stubbing my toe on a door, I tripped and rolled my foot off a step. It’s been a challenging week and a half so far, but I’m finally able to walk in my air cast so I’ll take that as a small victory!
  2. Right now, I’m reading a book called The Purple Cow by Seth Godin, but in all honesty, I’ve been reading it for about 6 months now. As much as I absolutely LOVE reading, sometimes I feel like I’m being lazy if I’m reading instead of working. Now that my calendar is getting fuller, I’m making sure I set some time aside everyday to change that! It’s so important to take a break but it’s so easy to forget or ignore too. What are you reading right now? I need to build an amazing reading list to keep me going!
  3. I know spring is just starting, but I’m already so excited for summer. If you live in London, summer means two things – construction, and summer festivals! And I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that I’m only excited about the latter of the two ;)
  4. For the last year I have been lucky enough to lead the London chapter of TuesdaysTogether by The Rising Tide Society. It’s a monthly meet-up of creative entrepreneurs in the spirit of community over competition! This month we were talking about personality types and self awareness, and I had the chance to take the 16 Personalities quiz. My results surprised me at first, but then when I really thought about it, they made total sense! My results were “ESFJ-A” or, “The Consul.” Over the last year I’ve started branching out into teaching, mentoring, and consulting in small ways here and there. Now I’m even more excited to see where this path will take me! Interested in learning more about your own personality? Click here!
  5. The trees are blooming early this year so I added two extra dates for Spring Mini’s! I’ll be in Springbank Park this weekend and space is still available! If you’re interested in more info, send me an email to (And join the VIP Mini Session mailing list to get notified about mini sessions before the details are posted online!)

Thanks for stopping by, friends! Until next month…


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You won’t catch me posting phone selfies on my blog very often, but I’ve been thinking a lot about travelling lately and love this photo of us from our trip to Disney last fall. The photographer in me is dying a bit on the inside over that super unflattering blue colour cast on our faces, but I guess I’ll just pretend it’s not happening! haha

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