Full Session vs. Mini Session – Which Should I Choose?!

It’s the time of year where family photo requests start filling my inbox! And spring is one of the most popular times for photographers to be offering mini sessions. But, if you’re like so many of my clients, you might not be exactly sure which is right for you  – a mini session or a full session. So, I’m here to help clear things up!

Here’s a comparison:

Mini Sessions
– Time: 30 mins or less
– Photos: 10-15 files
– Location: Pre-chosen
– Availability: Seasonally
– Shorter time works better for small children
– Limited spots available per day
– High in demand

Full Session
– Time: 1 hour +
– 30-40 files
– Location: Your choice
– Availability: Anytime
– Longer time allows for more than one location
– Scheduling flexibility

Each type of session has it’s own pro’s and con’s, but what I always recommend as the biggest deciding factors are:

a) the age of your children
b) where you’d like your photos to be taken

If you have kids that are toddler age or younger, a mini session is a great fit. If you’re wanting a specific location for your photos, then a full session is a better idea!

Still a bit unsure? Just send me an email to and I’m always more than happy to help point you in the right direction! You can also check out these blog posts to get an idea of what each type of session will look like in the end:

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