I'm Sandra, head photographer and owner of Life is Beautiful Photography!

When I was little, I was obsessed with disposable cameras. I remember constantly nagging my parents for my own any time we were going somewhere. By the time I was 13, I started thinking that maybe this could be more than something I just did for fun. I went through a few more career ideas as I grew up, but once I started taking a film photography class in high school, my decision was made. I graduated from the photography program at Fanshawe College a few years later, and launched Life is Beautiful Photography in 2013!

I'm inspired by love, nature, and the people closest to me on a daily basis, and I really do believe that life is beautiful. Being given the opportunity to photograph the most beautiful moments in someone's life is not only the biggest honour, but also a total dream come true. This career has given me the chance to combine everything I love - travelling, being creative, meeting and connecting with new people, and sharing my passion with the world - or at least our little part of it, anyway!

I spend my days off with my husband, Matt, being a stepmom to his son, Ethan, and smothering my cats, Smudge and Winston, with more love and affection than they can tolerate :)

| Photo Credit |

Top photo by Jess Collins Photography
Slideshow by Raw Footage Photography